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[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Family Gatherings (가족 모임)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Family Gatherings (가족 모임) Yumi: My aunt is visiting from the states next week. My family in Korea hasn't seen her for over a decade! David: Wow. I guess there'll be a gigantic family gathering this time, huh? Yumi: Yes, there will be so many family members at the gathering that we had to hire a planner. David: A party planner? Wow. Yumi: 우리 이모가 미국에서 다음 주에 오셔. 한국
2018-05-17 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] First Encounter (첫 만남)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] First Encounter (첫 만남) John: This is my son, David. Yong Joon: Hi, David. I heard so much about you! David: Not all bad, I hope. Nice meeting you. Yong Joon: Handsome and humorous! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! John: 얘가 제 아들 David이에요. Yong Joon: 안녕, David. 너에 대해 정말 많이 들었어! David: 다 나쁜 말은 아니었길 바래요. 만나 뵈서 반갑습니다. Yong Joon: 잘 생
2018-05-16 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Laryngitis (후두염)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Laryngitis (후두염) Don: My doctor told me that I have laryngitis. Jay: I'm sorry to hear that. From what I understand laryngitis occurs when your vocal cords become inflamed, right? Don: Yes, that's right. For me, it's chronic. Jay: Besides what your doctor prescribed, you should drink plenty of water. Don: 우리 의사선생님이 나 후두염이래. Jay: 어쩌니. 내가 알기로, 성대에 염증
2018-05-15 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Perfume (향수)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Perfume (향수) Ann: You smell nice. What are you wearing? Samantha: Oh, my friend gave me this perfume on my birthday. Do you like it? Ann: I love it!! Samantha: I should get this for you on your birthday. Ann: 너 좋은 향기 난다. 무슨 향수야? Samantha: 아, 내 친구가 내 생일에 이 향수 준건데. 마음에 들어? Ann: 너무 좋다!! Samantha: 니 생일에 이거 사줘야겠다. 위 대화에서 Ann이 "
2018-05-14 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Aquarium (아쿠아리움 / 수족관)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Aquarium (아쿠아리움 / 수족관) Jason: My nephews and nieces are visiting next week. I wanna take them to some place fun. Any ideas? Yumi: How old are they? Jason: They're all elementary school students. Yumi: You should take them to the aquarium. I guarantee they'll love it. Jason: 내 조카들이 다음주에 온대. 재미있는데 데려가고 싶은데. 아이디어 좀 있어? Yumi: 조카들 몇 살인데? Jas
2018-05-11 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Department stores (백화점)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Department stores (백화점) Dave: Did you enjoy your day off yesterday? Yumi: I went to the department store yesterday to get a gift for a friend. Dave: You know they say the economy is bad, but department stores in Seoul seem to be crowded all the time. Yumi: You're right. It was packed. Dave: 어제 휴가 잘 보냈어? Yumi: 친구에게 줄 선물 사러 어제 백화점에 갔었어. Dave: 다들 경제가 안
2018-05-10 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hair Dyeing (머리 염색)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hair Dyeing (머리 염색) Jane: It's spring! I need a new look. Sarah: Get some new clothes. Jane: Maybe I'll dye my hair pink. Sarah: Can't I just have ONE normal friend? Jane: 봄이다! 새로운 룩(모습)이 필요해. Sarah: 새 옷 좀 장만하든지. Jane: 머리를 핑크색으로 염색해볼까? Sarah: 단 한 명이라도 정상적인 친구를 가질 수는 없는 걸까? 핑크색머리 하늘색머리~ 개성이라는 것은
2018-05-09 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Parents' Day (어버이날)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Parents' Day (어버이날) Bryan: Mother's Day is coming up! Will you be doing anything for your mom for Mother's Day? Hyo Jung: Mother's Day? Oh, I forgot that it’s different for Americans. In Korea, we have Parent's Day where we celebrate both parents at the same time. Bryan: That’s interesting. We have different days for mothers and fathers. Maybe it’s so the
2018-05-08 08:00:00
제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Substitute Holiday (대체 공휴일)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Substitute Holiday (대체 공휴일) Mike: We have a day off tomorrow? What's the occasion? Yumi: Oh, it's a substitute holiday. Mike: Substitute holiday? Yumi: Children's Day, which is a national holiday, falls on a Saturday so we're getting a day off on a different day. Mike: 우리 내일 쉬는 날이래? 웬일로? Yumi: 아, 대체 공휴일이잖아. Mike: 대체 공휴일? Yumi: 국가공휴일인
2018-05-07 14:11:50
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] University Festivals2 (대학 축제2)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] University Festivals2 (대학 축제2) Yumi: Most of these university festivals are held during the spring semester. Brad: I see. Yumi: At these festivals, there are lots of street vendors where people can enjoy alcoholic beverages and snacks. Brad: I wish I went to college in Korea. Yumi: 대부분의 대학축제들은 봄학기에 열려. Brad: 그렇구나. Yumi: 대학축제에 가면, 사람들이 술이나 간식거리를
2018-05-04 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] University Festivals (대학 축제)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] University Festivals (대학 축제) Yumi: I saw my nephew yesterday and he seemed pretty excited about the university festival at his school. Brad: A university festival? What's that? Yumi: Most of the universities in Korea have their own festivals. Brad: What do they do there? Yumi: 어제 우리 조카 만났는데 학교에서 대학축제 한다고 들떠있더라고. Brad: 대학 축제? 뭐야 그게? Yumi: 한국 대
2018-05-03 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Butterfly Festival (나비 축제)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Butterfly Festival (나비 축제) Jason: A butterfly festival? How interesting! Yumi: It takes place in Hampyeong in Jeoll-a-nam-do. Jason: I would be very interested in going. What do you say? Yumi: There are over 100,000 butterflies at the festival. Do you think you can handle 100,000 butterflies? Jason: 나비축제? 신기하다! Yumi: 전라남도 함평에서 열린대. Jason: 나 완전 가고 싶어. 같이 갈
2018-05-02 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Superfoods (슈퍼푸드)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Superfoods (슈퍼푸드) Yumi: These days, many people are interested in superfoods. Jake: I've heard about superfoods. But I don't know anything about it. What's included? Yumi: Acai, cacao, avocado, and spirulina... Jake: Oh, avocado, too? Yumi: Avocado is high in healthy fats and it's loaded with fiber. Yumi: 요즘 많은 사람들이 슈퍼푸드에 관심이 있어요. Jake: 저도 슈퍼푸드
2018-05-01 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Avocado (아보카도)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Avocado (아보카도) Yumi: I'm on a diet. June: Again? This is like.. the fifth time this month alone? Yumi: Why can't you just be supportive? This time, it's going to work. It's called the avocado diet. June: Hmm.... Yumi: 나 다이어트 중이야. June: 또? 이번이 아마.. 이번 달에만 다섯 번째인가? Yumi: 지지를 좀 해주면 어디가 덧나니? 이번에는 확실히 효과가 있을 거야. 아보카도 다
2018-04-30 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hair Loss (탈모)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hair Loss (탈모) Jake: I went to see Tom last night. Brad: I haven't seen him since our last get-together at your house. How's he doing? Jake: Um.. Actually, Tom's not the happiest man these days. He's really worried about thinning hair. Brad: Oh. I see. Maybe it's his job. He's always overloaded at work. Jake: 어젯밤에 Tom만나러 갔었어. Brad: 저번에 너네 집에서 했
2018-04-27 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hotel Reservations (호텔 예약)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hotel Reservations (호텔 예약) Customer: I would like to make a reservation. Hotel employee: Sure thing. What day will you be arriving? Customer: I will be arriving on April 27th. I'll be staying for 4 nights. Hotel employee: Okay. Would you like a single room, or will there be more guests? Customer: 예약을 좀 하고 싶습니다. Hotel employee: 바로 도와드릴게요. 언제 오실 예정이신가요?
2018-04-26 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Credit card (신용카드)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Credit card (신용카드) June: I maxed out my credit card. Yumi: So, now what? You have more than one credit card, right? June: Actually, I maxed out all of my credit cards. Yumi: This isn't the first time you're telling me this. What am I gonna do with you? June: 나 신용카드 한도 바닥났어. Yumi: 그래서, 이제 어쩌려고? 신용카드 또 있지? June: 사실은, 내 모든 신용카드의 한도가 꽉 찼
2018-04-25 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Organic Food2 (유기농 음식)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Organic Food2 (유기농 음식) Julia: So, you were saying? Mike: Organic food complies with the standards of organic farming. Julia: The standards of organic farming? Mike: Yes, these standards can vary in different countries. Julia: 아, 무슨 말씀 하시던 중이었죠? Mike: 유기농 음식은 유기농법의 기준을 따르는 음식이에요. Julia: 유기농법의 기준이요? Mike: 네, 이런 기준들은 나라마다 다를 수 있
2018-04-24 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Organic Food (유기농 음식)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Organic Food (유기농 음식) Mike: My wife is quite sensitive about what our children eat. Julia: Isn't that a good thing? Mike: Besides the fact that these organic vegetables and fruits cost twice as much, I guess it's a good thing. Julia: What's the definition of 'organic' anyway? Mike: 내 와이프는 우리 애들이 뭘 먹는지에 되게 민감해요. Julia: 좋은 거 아닌가요? Mike:
2018-04-23 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Night markets (야시장)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Night markets (야시장) (전화통화) Sally: When I go to Korea, I really want to go to all the night markets! Minho: Oh, definitely. Seoul is known for big night markets. Sally: I heard you can get pretty much everything at the night markets in Korea. Minho: Yes, almost everything. Also, you can enjoy a lot of other things like good food, fashion shows, street concerts and more. Sally: 나
2018-04-20 08:00:00