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[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Career changes (직업 변경 - 창업)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Career changes (직업 변경 - 창업) Linda: So, my older sister has been considering starting her own business. Clara: That sounds fun. What kind of business? Linda: She’s thinking financial consulting. She’s good with money. Clara: It must be nice to be your own boss! Linda: 음, 우리언니 사업 시작하려고 고민 중이던데. Clara: 재미있겠다. 어떤 종류 사업? Linda: 금융상담(금융컨설팅
2017-12-14 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] House loans (주택 대출)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] House loans (주택 대출) Janet: Housing prices have gone up a lot lately. Donald: Yeah, we are looking to buy a house soon, too. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough money saved up. Janet: Are you planning on getting a loan? Donald: Yes, I think we’ll be able to get a good interest rate with our credit. Janet: 요즘 부동산이 너무 올랐어. Donald: 응, 우리도 곧 집을 사려고 알아 보고
2017-12-13 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Artificial intelligence (인공지능)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Artificial intelligence (인공지능) Steven: Did you hear that Saudi Arabia just accepted its first robot citizen? Stanley: Wow. That is unbelievable. Steven: Yeah. This robot has artificial intelligence. It can form its own thoughts and reactions. Stanley: I don’t know how I feel about that. Steven: 사우디아라비아가 당국의 첫 로봇 시민을 받아들였다는 거 들었어? Stanley: 와. 믿을 수가
2017-12-12 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] First snow of the year (첫눈)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] First snow of the year (첫눈) John: The forecast is calling for snow this weekend. Yumi: Oh, it’ll be our first snow. How exciting! John: It’s about time. My parents tell me they’ve been getting snow since last month. Yumi: That makes sense. They live up north, right? John: 일기예보에서 이번 주말에 눈 온대. Yumi: 오, 첫눈이네. 기대된다! John: 올 때도 됐지. 우리 부모님 사
2017-12-11 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Morning person (아침형 인간)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Morning person (아침형 인간) Yumi: I feel like I get the most work done in the morning. Jennifer: You must be a morning person. Yumi: Definitely. Are you not? Jennifer: No. I can’t get anything done until I’ve had at least three cups of coffee. Yumi: 나는 아침에 가장 일이 잘되는 것 같아. Jennifer: 아침형 인간인가봐. Yumi: 완전. 너는 아냐? Jennifer: 난 아냐. 나는 최소 커피 3잔
2017-12-08 08:00:00
​[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Office romances (사내 연애)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Office romances (사내 연애) Brad: Did you hear that Rob and Mary are dating now? Jennifer: Aren’t they in the same department? Brad: Yeah, I don’t think the manager knows yet. Jennifer: That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Brad: Rob이랑 Mary 사귄다는 거 들었어? Jennifer: 그 둘 같은 부서 아닌가? Brad: 맞아! 아직 매니저는 모르는 것 같아. Jennifer: 뭔가 안 좋은 일이 벌
2017-12-07 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Noise complaint issues (층간소음 문제)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Noise complaint issues (층간소음 문제) Bob: I can’t sleep at night! My neighbors play loud music late into the night! Leonard: Have you talked to them about it? Bob: I have. They keep saying they’ll stop, but nothing changes. Leonard: Maybe you should file a noise complaint to your landlord. Bob: 나 밤에 잠을 잘 수가 없어! 이웃이 밤 늦게까지 음악을 시끄럽게 틀어대서! Leonard:
2017-12-06 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Summit conferences (정상 회담)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Summit conferences (정상 회담) Donald: I’m excited for the summit conference this weekend. You're going to watch it, right? Bill: I have to be at work. Donald: They're going to discuss so many interesting issues this year. Bill: Too bad I can’t be in two places at once. Donald: 이번 주말 정상회담 기대되. 시청할거지? Bill: 나는 출근해야 해. Donald: 올해는 정말 흥미로운
2017-12-05 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Winter is here (겨울이 오면)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Winter is here (겨울이 오면) Judy: It’s so cold today! Ben: I know. And the days are getting shorter too. Judy: It was so dark outside that I had a hard time getting up this morning. Ben: Oh, right. Weren’t you almost late to work this morning? Judy: 오늘 엄청 추워요! Ben: 그러게요. 그리고 낮 시간도 점점 짧아져요. Judy: 밖이 되게 어두워서 아침에 일어나기가 힘들었어요. Ben: 아
2017-12-04 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Zits and pimples (뾰루지&여드름 - 피부트러블)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Zits and pimples (뾰루지&여드름 - 피부트러블) Angelina: My face is breaking out. It’s so embarrassing. Jennifer: Oh, no. Have you been stressed? Angelina: That, and I probably haven’t been sleeping enough. Jennifer: Maybe you should also avoid oily foods. Angelina: 얼굴에 뭐 엄청 올라와. 너무 창피해. Jennifer: 아, 우째. 요새 스트레스 많이 받아? Angelina: 그것도 그렇고, 요
2017-12-01 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Flu Vaccine (독감 주사 - 예방 접종)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Flu Vaccine (독감 주사 - 예방 접종) Dan: Flu season is coming up. Mark: Ah, right. Where can I get a flu shot? Dan: The clinic next door gives out flu shots. I highly recommend that you get one. We can't afford to have a lot of people getting sick this season considering our workload. Mark: Got it. I'll go today after work. Dan: 독감 유행시기가 다가오고 있네요. Mark: 아, 그렇네요.
2017-11-30 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock Market4 (주식시장4)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock Market4 (주식시장4) Yumi: Are you going to the expo on the 23rd? Jackie: I think so. I want to get some information about some upcoming products. Yumi: Trying to decide whether to buy some stock? Jackie: I’m considering it. But I want to be sure before I invest. Yumi: 23일에 엑스포 갈 거야? Jackie: 갈 것 같아. 새로 출시되는 제품들 관련정보도 좀 얻고 싶어서. Yumi: 주식사려고 생
2017-11-29 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock Market3 (주식시장3)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock Market3 (주식시장3) Warren: There have been a lot of mergers in the news recently. Jackie: I know. The market is so volatile these days. Warren: I’m trying to decide whether to sell some of my stock and cut my losses. Jackie: You should probably get out while you can. Warren: 요즘 뉴스 보면 합병이 왜이리 많은지. Jackie: 그러니까. 요즘 시장이 엄청 변덕스러워. Warren: 주식 일부
2017-11-28 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock Market2 (주식시장2)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock Market2 (주식시장2) Warren: I recently got a significant bonus check, but I’m not sure what I should do with it. Bill: You could invest it. I know a pretty good stock broker. Warren: Oh, could you introduce the person to me? Bill: Sure. I’ll set up a time to meet. Warren: 나 최근에 꽤 큰 보너스를 받았는데, 그걸로 뭘 해야 할지 모르겠어. Bill: 투자해. 내가 괜찮은 증권중개인
2017-11-27 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock market (주식시장)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Stock market (주식시장) Warren: Did you hear about the news? George: Yeah, that was a bad policy decision. Warren: The stock market is going crazy right now. George: Tell me about it. I got so many calls from concerned shareholders this morning. Warren: 그 소식 들었어? George: 응. 그 정책결정은 안 좋았어. Warren: 주식시장 지금 난리다. George: 그니까. 걱정하고 있는 주주들한테 오늘 아침부
2017-11-24 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Thanksgiving Day (추수감사절)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Thanksgiving Day (추수감사절) Judy: What are you doing for Thanksgiving Day? Sean: My family is getting together for dinner. We always cook a lot of food and eat all night! How about you? Judy: I'm doing ‘friendsgiving’ this year since my family lives far away. Sean: That sounds like fun! Have a happy Thanksgiving! Judy: 추수감사절에 뭐하니? Sean: 우리 가족은 저녁식사를
2017-11-23 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Minimalism (미니멀리즘)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Minimalism (미니멀리즘) Melania: Take a look at these pictures. I'm gonna move to this apartment complex next month. Michelle: Oh, it looks really nice! Melania: Yes, it’s a new building with an open, simple layout. Michelle: Minimalist styles are trending these days. Melania: 이 사진들 좀 봐봐. 나 다음달에 이 아파트로 이사 가거든. Michelle: 오, 진짜 좋아 보인다! Melania: 구조가
2017-11-22 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Ivy League Schools (아이비리그 학교)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Ivy League Schools (아이비리그 학교) Reese: My younger sister is looking into getting a job in our department. Jodie: Oh, that’s great! But, can she handle the workload? Reese: Definitely. She recently graduated from an Ivy League school. Jodie: I’ve heard that the Ivy programs are rigorous. Reese: 내 여동생이 우리 부서에 취직하려고 알아보고 있대. Jodie: 오, 좋네! 근데 이 업무
2017-11-21 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] A Second Job (투잡)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] A Second Job (투잡) Warren: Everything is so expensive these days. Bill: I know what you mean. Prices just keep rising. Warren: I think I need to get a second job. Bill: It never hurts to get some money on the side. Warren: 요즘 물가가 너무 비싸. Bill: 내 말이. 가격이 계속 올라. Warren: 나 투잡 뛰어야 할 것 같아. Bill: 여분의 돈 좀 가지고 있으면 좋지. 한국에서도 '투잡' 이라
2017-11-20 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Nightmare (악몽)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Nightmare (악몽) Freddy: I had a terrifying nightmare last night. Carrie: What was it about? Freddy: Well, first I swallowed a fly and it laid eggs inside me. Carrie: Oh, stop. That's really gross. Freddy: 나 어제 완전 무서운 악몽 꿨어. Carrie: 뭐에 관한 꿈이었는데? Freddy: 음, 우선 내가 파리를 삼켰는데 내 안에서 알을 낳은 거야. Carrie: 아, 그만 말해. 진짜 징그럽다. mare 라는 단
2017-11-17 08:00:00