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[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Boracay (보라카이 - 휴양지2)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Boracay (보라카이 - 휴양지2) Jane: I went to Boracay last week. Miho: Wow! How was it? What did you do in Boracay? Jane: One of the most popular activities in Boracay is Island hopping. Hire a boat and visit several beaches around the island. That was really fun. Miho: That sounds really exciting. Tell me more about Boracay! Jane: 나 저번 주에 보라카이 갔다 왔어. Miho: 와! 어땠어? 보라카이
2017-08-16 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] The National Liberation Day of Korea (광복절)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] The National Liberation Day of Korea (광복절) Dong Woo: August 15th is the National Liberation Day of Korea. James: Oh, I knew that. I looked it up. Gwang-bok-jeol means 'the day the light returned.' Dong Woo: You did your homework. James: Yes, it's such a meaningful day. Dong Woo: 8월15일은 광복절이야. James: 아, 알고 있었어. 검색해봤는데. 광복절의 의미가 '빛을 되찾은 날
2017-08-15 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Cebu (세부 - 휴양지1)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Cebu (세부 - 휴양지1) Nicole: You went to Cebu last year, right? Yumi: Yes, I did. Known as 'the Queen City of the South.' Nicole: I'm going to Cebu next month. Any tips? Yumi: Cebu has so many different treats for travelers. Nicole: 작년에 세부 갔었지? Yumi: 응, 갔었어. '남쪽의 여왕 도시' 라고 부르기도 한다는데. Nicole: 나 다음달에 세부 가려고. 나한테 뭐 알려줄 만한
2017-08-14 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Summer Vacation 2 (여름휴가2)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Summer Vacation 2 (여름휴가2) Ashley: You are tanned. I almost didn't recognize you. Yumi: Yes, I went to Thailand for 2 weeks and spent the entire time at the beach. Ashley: Wow! 2 weeks? Yumi: Yes. What a vacation it was! Ashley: 너 진짜 많이 탔다. 못 알아볼뻔했어. Yumi: 응, 나 2주 동안 태국에 있었는데 계속 해변에서 시간 보냈어. Ashley: 와! 2주나? Yumi: 응. 엄청 멋진 휴가였어!
2017-08-11 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Summer Vacation (여름 휴가)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Summer Vacation (여름 휴가) Mike: When's your summer vacation? Jong Won: From August 9th to 13th. My wife and I are going to visit my parents for a few days. Mike: Oh, where do your folks live? Jong Won: They live in the countryside. About 5 hours from Seoul. Mike: 너는 여름휴가 언제야? Jong Won: 8월 9일부터 13일. 와이프랑 우리 부모님 댁에서 며칠 있으려고. Mike: 아, 부모님 어디 계셔?
2017-08-10 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Overexposure to air conditioning (냉방병)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Overexposure to air conditioning (냉방병) Jesse: It's August and I think I'm coming down with a cold. Yumi: What are the symptoms? Jesse: Headaches, runny nose, sore throat. Yumi: You might be suffering from overexposure to air conditioning. Jesse: 지금 8월인데 나 감기 걸린 것 같아. Yumi: 증상이 어떤데? Jesse: 두통에, 콧물에, 목 아파. Yumi: 에어컨에 과도하게 노출되어서 몸이 안
2017-08-09 08:00:00
​[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hang in there (포기하지마)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Hang in there (포기하지마) John: I applied for the department manager position and I've been waiting to hear from the management for a month now. Paul: Really? I wonder why they're taking this long. John: I'm getting impatient. Paul: Well, the management has been quite trying to increase the number of staff. So, hang in there, John. John: 나 부서장 자리에 지원했는데, 경영실에서
2017-08-08 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Mosquitoes (모기)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Mosquitoes (모기) Mike: Mosquitoes kept me up all night. Nicole: That must have been incredibly annoying. Mike: First thing in the morning, I bought a mosquito net. Nicole: Good call. Mike: 나 모기 때문에 한숨도 못 잤어. Nicole: 진짜 짜증났겠다. Mike: 아침에 눈뜨자마자 모기장 샀어. Nicole: 잘했네. 이번 여름은 모기가 심하게 많진 않다고 하더라구요. 그래도 밤에 불끄고 자려 누우면 윙~
2017-08-07 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] On the job training (OJT - 실무 교육)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] On the job training (OJT - 실무 교육) Mike: So, how do I use this program? Nicole: We have the user's manual. I'll get it for you after lunch. Mike: I'm not sure if I can get used to this new program in a week. Nicole: It's not rocket science haha. You'll get used to it in no time. Mike: 저, 이 프로그램은 어떻게 사용하면 되는 건가요? Nicole: 사용자 설명서가 있어요. 점심
2017-08-04 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Being late (지각)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Being late (지각) Jennifer: Dave. You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago. Dave: I'm so sorry. Better late than never, right?^^ Jennifer: That's not funny. Dave: I'm really sorry for being late. Jennifer: Dave씨. 30분 늦으셨어요. Dave: 너무 죄송해요. 안 오는 것보단 낫잖아요, 그죠?^^ Jennifer: 안 웃겨요. Dave: 늦어서 진짜 미안해요. 오늘 배울 표현! 'Better late th
2017-08-03 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Promotion (승진)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Promotion (승진) Jacob: Alright, so we need to promote someone to manager. Any thoughts on that? Liz: What about Keith? He has been an all-around performer. Jacob: True. But he doesn’t have enough experience. I’m afraid communicating with other members might become a problem. Liz: Hmm.. Jacob: 자, 누군가를 매니저로 승진 시켜야 하겠네요. 좋은 아이디어 있나요? Liz: Keith 어때요?
2017-08-02 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Do you have time? (시간 있어?)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Do you have time? (시간 있어?) Aron: David, do you have time to talk? David: Not too long but yes. Aron: I don't know how I should put this.. um.. David: Aron, I don't have all day. Aron: David, 얘기 할 시간 돼? David: 길게는 안되지만, 응. Aron: 이걸 어떻게 말해야 하나.. 음.. David: Aron, 나 되게 한가하지는 않아. (빨리 말해.) "I don't have all day." 는 "빨
2017-08-01 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Personal matter (사적인 일)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Personal matter (사적인 일) Bill: I don't think I can make it to the weekend conference. Warren: Oh, why not? Bill: Something came up. It's personal. Warren: Oh, I see. Hope everything is alright. Bill: 나 주말 컨퍼런스 못 갈 것 같아. Warren: 어, 왜? Bill: 일이 좀 생겨서. 사적인 일이야. Warren: 아, 그렇구나. 별 일 아니어야 할텐데. '문화'라는 게 정말 흥미로운 것 같습
2017-07-31 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Video conference (화상 회의)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Video conference (화상 회의) Tyler: Camelia, can you hear me? Your voice is breaking up. Camelia: Oh really? I can hear you just fine. Did you check your internet connection? Tyler: I have full wifi bars. Camelia: Hmm.. Why don't you try reconnecting to the Internet? Tyler: Camelia씨, 제 말 들리세요? 저는 잘 안 들려서요. Camelia: 아 그래요? 저는 잘 들리는데. 인터넷 연결 상태 확인해 보
2017-07-28 08:00:00
​[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Buying souvenirs2 (여행 선물2)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Buying souvenirs2 (여행 선물2) Jong Won: Are you going to get some souvenirs for your friends and family? Ann: Yes. But I'm on a tight budget so nothing too pricey. Jong Won: In Korea, there are so many awesome souvenirs that will not drill a hole in your pocket. Ann: That's great! I should go shopping tomorrow. Jong Won: 가족과 친구들에게 선물 할 기념품 살거야? Ann: 응. 근데 요
2017-07-27 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Buying souvenirs (여행 선물 - 기념품)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Buying souvenirs (여행 선물 - 기념품) Nicole: What kind of souvenirs do people buy in Korea? Gang Ho: There are many. How about something traditional? Nicole: Oh, great. Is there a good shopping district where I can purchase traditional souvenirs? Gang Ho: Why don't we go to In-sa-dong tomorrow? There is a lot to see. Nicole: 사람들은 한국에서 주로 어떤 기념품을 사가나요? Gang Ho: 여러
2017-07-26 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Picking up someone at the airport (공항 마중)
[사진 = 사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Picking up someone at the airport (공항 마중) Gang Ho: Welcome to Seoul. How was your flight? Nicole: It was good. Do we go to the meeting place right away? Gang Ho: Actually, you're going to get some rest at the hotel first, and go to the meeting place in the evening. Nicole: I like the sound of that. I'd love to take a shower. Gang Ho: 서울에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 비행은 어
2017-07-25 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Parking Situation (주차 상황)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Parking Situation (주차 상황) William: Were you able to park this morning? It took me forever trying to find a parking spot. Ken: I took the subway this morning. Our parking lot has been so crowded ever since the marketing department transferred to our building. William: I think the company should seriously consider building a new parking lot. Otherwise, I’m going to have to take the subw
2017-07-24 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Overseas Business Trip (해외 출장)
제이정 기자 = [사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Overseas Business Trip (해외 출장) George: Where are you going for your business trip this time? Nicole: To Seoul. I think this trip is going to last for a long period of time. George: I heard there's a heatwave alert in Seoul these days. Nicole: Yes. I'm preparing myself for it. George: 이번에 출장 어디로 가? Nicole: 서울. 장기 출장이 될 거 같아. George: 요즘 서
2017-07-21 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Plastic Surgery (성형)
제이정 기자 = [사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Plastic Surgery (성형) Jane: What do you think about people having plastic surgery? Tony: I don't know. I've never really thought about it. What do you think about it? Jane: Well, I think it's great as long as they find happiness in what they're doing. Tony: I guess you're right. Jane: 사람들이 성형하는 거에 대해 어떻게 생각해? Tony: 모르겠네. 딱히 생각
2017-07-20 08:00:00