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​[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall Fashion2 (가을패션2 - 계절 옷)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall Fashion2 (가을패션2 - 계절 옷) Whitney: It’s time to start thinking seriously about my fall wardrobe. Mariah: What do you mean? Whitney: It’s fall. It’s a season of maximizing your style. Don’t you think? Mariah: Um.. My friend. Personally, that thought has never crossed my mind in my entire life. Whitney: 가을에 적합화된 옷장(속 내용물) 에 대해 진지하게 생각할
2017-10-18 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall Fashion (가을 패션 - 컬러)
[사진= 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall Fashion (가을 패션 - 컬러) Jackie: They say red is the color of fall this year. Grace: Ha-ha. Where did you hear that? Jackie: I read it from a fashion magazine. Grace: If that’s true, I guess I won’t be the next fashion pioneer this year. Jackie: 빨간색이 올 가을을 대표하는 색이라고 그러던데. Grace: 하하. 그런 얘기는 어디서 들은 거야? Jackie: 패션잡지에서 읽었어. Grace:
2017-10-17 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall Songs (가을 노래)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall Songs (가을 노래) John: What's your favorite fall song? Linda: Fall songs? Hmm.. I never thought about it that way. John: You know songs that take you into fall. Linda: These days, I don't even get a chance to sit down and listen to music. John: 제일 좋아하는 가을노래가 뭐야? Linda: 가을노래들? 흠.. 한번도 그런 식으로 생각해 본적이 없네. John: 가을에 빠져들게 하는 노래들 있잖
2017-10-16 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall clothes (가을 옷 - 패션)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall clothes (가을 옷 - 패션) June: I need to buy some fall clothes. Jesse: The last time I went to your place, all your closets were packed with clothes. June: That's true. But there's nothing to wear. You know what I mean? Jesse: No.. Not really.. June: 나 가을 옷 사야 해. Jesse: 나 저번에 너네 집 놀러 갔을 때, 네 옷장들 다 옷으로 꽉 차있던데. June: 맞아. 근데 입을게 없어. 뭔 말
2017-10-13 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall is coming (가을이 오면)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Fall is coming (가을이 오면) Jane: Fall is coming. It's getting cooler especially in the morning and at night. David: I'm really happy about that. Summer is not my thing. Jane: I see. Personally, I like summer much better than winter. David: I guess you don't sweat as much as I do. Jane: 가을이 오나 봐. 아침하고 밤에는 특히 되게 시원해졌네. David: 너무 좋아. 여름은 정말 별로
2017-10-12 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] After Chuseok2 (추석 연휴 후유증)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] After Chuseok2 (추석 연휴 후유증) Jongho: After such a long break, I sort of feel loose. Don't you? Beckham: I do, too. Jongho: I gotta get myself back into 'work mode’. Beckham: If you succeed, please let me know. Jongho: 긴 휴가가 끝나니까 뭔가 느슨해진 느낌이야. 넌 안 그래? Beckham: 나도 그래. Jongho: '업무모드' 로 다시 돌입해야 되는데. Beckham: 성공하면 알려줘.
2017-10-11 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] After Chuseok (추석 연휴 다음날)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] After Chuseok (추석 연휴 다음날) Ann: Hi, soo. How was your Chuseok? Soo: It was great. I met all the cousins I had not seen for years. How was yours? Ann: I don't have any family in Korea. So, I just relaxed at home. Soo: Oh! I wish I had known that. I would have invited you to my family get-together. Ann: 안녕, Soo. 추석연휴 잘 보냈어? Soo: 너무 좋았어. 수년간 못 본 사촌들도 다 만나
2017-10-10 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Chuseok (추석)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Chuseok (추석) Tom: What exactly is 'Chuseok'? Soyoung: Traditionally, Chuseok was a day people celebrated the autumn harvest. Today, it's more about family members coming together to share good food, and to give thanks to their ancestors. Tom: Wow, what a clear explanation! Soyoung: Well, that's me. Tom: '추석'이 정확히 뭐야? Soyoung: 전통적으로는, 추석이 가을수확
2017-09-29 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Red Days (빨간 날 - 공휴일)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Red Days (빨간 날 - 공휴일) Jihyun: Public holidays in Korea are commonly called "Red Days." Hannah: How interesting! Why is that? Jihyun: Because it's how these days are colored in printed calendars. Hannah: Oh, I see. So, we're gonna have 10 'Red Days' for the upcoming Chuseok? Jihyun: 한국에서는 공휴일을 "빨간 날"이라고 불러요. Hannah: 흥미롭네요. 왜
2017-09-28 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] THAAD (사드)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] THAAD (사드) June: What exactly is THAAD? And why is it so controversial? Jessy: I don't really know the details but it's a missile defense system, isn't it? June: Yes. They say it's full of implications. Jessy: Well, in terms of political issues these days, I really haven't done my homework. June: 사드가 정확히 뭐야? 그리고 왜 이렇게 논란이 심한 거야? Jessy: 나도 자세
2017-09-27 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Chickenpox (수두)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Chickenpox (수두) Charles: Did you ever have chickenpox as a kid? David: I did when I was in elementary school. Charles: I never had it. Can adults get it, too? David: The answer is yes. People who never had chickenpox or the vaccine can get it just by being in a room with someone who has the virus. Charles: 어릴 때 수두 걸렸었어? David: 초등학교 다닐 때 걸렸었어. Charles: 난 한번도 안 걸
2017-09-26 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Measles (홍역)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Measles (홍역) Jesse: You seem a bit tired. David: My 4-year old daughter came down with measles. She couldn't sleep at all last night. Jesse: I'm so sorry to hear that. What are the symptoms? David: She has a runny nose, sore throat and fever. Jesse: 조금 피곤해 보이세요. David: 우리 4살배기 딸이 홍역에 걸렸어요. 어제 한숨도 못 자더라구요. Jesse: 아, 너무 안됐네요. 증상이 뭔가요?
2017-09-25 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Movies (영화)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Movies (영화) Steven: I'm trying to pick a movie to download, it seems like I've seen them all before. James: Anything good playing at the theater? Steven: Not really. James: You should look into some older movies. Steven: 다운로드 할 영화 하나 고르려고 하는데, 다 이미 본 영화들이야. James: 극장 상영하는 거 재미있는 거 없어? Steven: 별로. James: 옛날 영화 좀 찾아봐. "요
2017-09-22 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] You think you could let this one slide? (이번만 눈감아 주실 수 있나요?)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] You think you could let this one slide? (이번만 눈감아 주실 수 있나요?) Yumi: I forgot to order extra uniforms. Brad: It's 7pm. The factory closes at 6pm. So, it looks like we can't place an order now. Yumi: Oh, no.. What am I gonna do? Brad: We have some uniforms from the last season in storage. I think I can let this one slide. Yumi: 추가 유니폼을 주문하는걸 잊어버렸어요. Brad:
2017-09-21 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Cut to the chase (바로 본론으로 들어가서)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Cut to the chase (바로 본론으로 들어가서) Jake: Our meeting time is almost up. Mina: How much time do we have left? Jake: Let's see.. We have about 10 minutes. Mina: Okay. Let's cut to the chase and talk about the cost. Jake: 우리 회의시간이 거의 끝나가네요. Mina: 시간이 얼마나 남았죠? Jake: 보자.. 10분 정도 남았네요. Mina: 알겠습니다. 바로 본론으로 들어가서 비용에 대해 얘기할게
2017-09-20 08:00:00
​[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] A Big Fish in a Small Pond (뱀의 머리)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] A Big Fish in a Small Pond (뱀의 머리) Peter: Are you going to apply for the position? Mike: If I do, I would have to start everything all over. And I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. Peter: I know what you mean. Mike: I'm happy being a big fish in my small pond. Peter: 그 직책에 지원할거야? Mike: 만일 하게 되면, 모든 것을 처음부터 다시 시작해야 하잖아. 그럴 준비가 된 건지 확
2017-09-19 08:00:00
​[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] A Silver Spoon (금수저)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] A Silver Spoon (금수저) Judy: David owns the house? Wow. How did he afford to get the house? I mean, he's not even thirty. Mike: I think his parents help him out all the time. Judy: Ah~ David was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Mike: You know what people say. It's the best way to succeed. Judy: 그 집 David 거래? 와우. 어떻게 샀대? 서른도 안됐는데. Mike: David 부모님이 계속
2017-09-18 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Flea Market (벼룩시장)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Flea Market (벼룩시장) Judy: I'm gonna go to a flea market tomorrow. Wanna come? Yumi: That sounds fun! Where? Judy: Just down the street. Yumi: I went to a garage sale last month to buy a toaster but they didn't have it. Maybe I can find it at the flea market! Judy: 나 내일 벼룩시장 갈 건데. 같이 갈래? Yumi: 재미있겠다. 어디? Judy: 바로 길 아래에 있어. Yumi: 저번 달에 토스터 사
2017-09-15 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Describing people2 (사람 묘사2 - 데이트)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Describing people2 (사람 묘사2 - 데이트) Jake: I went out on a date last Saturday. Susan: Oh! How did it go? Tell me more about the lady! Jake: Actually, she was much more than I expected. Very beautiful, considerate and humorous, too. I really like her. Susan: Wow. I'm sure she feels the same way about you. You're really good looking, thoughtful and funny! Jake: 나 저번 주 토요일에
2017-09-14 08:00:00
[제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Describing people (사람 묘사)
[사진 = 제이정잉글리쉬 제공] [제이정’s 이슈 영어 회화] Describing people (사람 묘사) Soo Jin: Do you know Tom well? Brad: I do. Why do you ask? Soo Jin: Oh, I met him for the first time yesterday and I was just curious. Brad: I see. Tom pretty much has every positive quality a human being could have. Soo Jin: Tom 잘 알아? Brad: 응. 왜 물어봐? Soo Jin: 아, 내가 어제 Tom을 처음 만나가지고 그냥 궁금해서. Brad: 그랬구나. Tom은 사람이 가질 수 있
2017-09-13 08:00:00